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Core Values

We believe each one of us must have core values. Values that are non-negotiable. Values to be upheld and ones that we should strive to achieve every day. Here are the core values that are foundational to The Equipping Church's mandate. 


  • Prayer and Worship Prayer is a vital part of every believers life in Christ. Worship is a way of life. We live to worship. We worship to live.    

  • Evangelism and practical Outreach Reaching others in ways that matter in every day living. Friendship, servanthood, feeding the hungry, assisting the elderly, befriending the friendless.  

  • Reconciliation rec·on·cile: to bring into agreement or harmony; make compatible or consistent: The 3 dimensions of worship include being reconciled to Christ FIRST, ones-self in the newness of Christ and then with the world through evangelism and serving others as Christ Jesus taught. Matthew 28:16

  • Authentic Community Being REAL, non-consumer works that bring us together.


  • Relational Reachable, teachable. Many leaders. One level. Congregational. 

  • Mission Establishing God-centered relationships at home and abroad. 

  • Outreach Going beyond the walls of the church, extending a hand to those in need. 

  • Christian Education and Discipleship Being pupils of the Word of God, rightly dividing and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • Social Justice Ensuring the heart of Christ is center when advantages and disadvantages are distributed within every community and every culture.

  • Community Development & Entrepreneurship Empowering communities for growth in individual and business ventures.

  • Relevancy Making a difference, being relevant in a society of today and tomorrow. Authentic relationships where everyone matters and everyone can make a difference. 

  • Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance Ministries

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